Please support our environment by planting trees by the following link below, it’s a memorial page for my father whom passed away by Covid-19 at Toronto Western Hospital.

After Dente’s Inferno, For my father. Child talk

What happened to that little child’s body? Some say it became the stories to start the magic. The first ingredient that binds love. He walked through the dark forest as if moments rose the nature. Leaves fall like raindrops, yet only a single tear, a breath, singularity of peace. Mosaic, some of the joy, love, loss, and expectations of the Journey to the tree of eternity. It felt the last leave drop in the forest where the sun rose and only the shadows heard their child talk.

Child talk. By: (Ash) Ashish Kant Bhatnagar in memory of Father, Suresh Kant Bhatnagar. 1949 – 2021

I would like to ask God, “tell me a lie, a lie that puts the truth to shame. I believe this to be our reality. By: Ashish Kant Bhatnagar